The Royal Show and fun in general

The Royal Show and fun in general

The Royal Show was on and we have to go every year, no matter in which city we are at. The weather was a bit iffy, so we waited until Thursday, when about lunchtime we made the executive decision that it was the day for our outing. Not warm and fuzzy, but not rainy and cold either.

So we got on the train and made our way there.

The girls had fun on the rides and looking at the animals.

By far the favorite was the trampoline. It was so fun watching them go at it and this time little sister could join in on the crazy bouncing (last time she was mainly falling and walking).
But the big girl showed some great acrobatics.

We had to try out the mango yogurt as well. It got the tick of approval.

The new man in our lives spent most of his time sleeping either in the pram or here:

This is a sling I sew for his sister, but he will get a good use of it as well. Love the things.

Tomorrow he will be one month old!

The time has gone so fast and yet it feels like he has been with us forever. He fit straight in and has caused no great disturbance to our little family.

But I think he is suspecting that we are a bit nuts…

Or bluffing us pretty well ;)

I am in the midst of a babymoon. I think I swoon over this creature daily with a shiny glare in my eye. His smell, his soft skin and tiny feet, make me tingle inside. Mr.Blab knows that this is the new favorite man in my life…at least for now.