Update blabs from Hue

Hoi An was hot. Hue is hot. I am a little bit over it.

Today we walked to the Citadel in Hue and sweated our way through the grounds of this old city. Thankfully, in the late afternoon the temperatures come down and there is a pleasant breeze making flustered tourists like us, a little bit happier.

The kids are playing badminton with some other kids they found downstairs and the Dod is calling for them from the balcony. I am sipping my coffee and enjoying some air-conditioning.

We are two thirds into our time in Vietnam and we are loving it. We have moved quite fast through a lot of the stops, but one month visas and our need to get to Hanoi in time to get the Chinese visas organized, means we had to speed up.

Turns out we cant have the later ones done there, but will have to pay a dearly to have them sent back to Ho Chi Minh and it might take 6 days.  My late night ride to the train station yesterday proved fruitful for the 13th, which means we will arrive in Hanoi on the 14th and have only 8 days left on our visas. Not good as far as Ha Long Bay is concerned and pretty much kills our hope to get to Sapa. We might have to pay for extensions or just be one of the few people that have been to Vietnam and never cruised the world famous bay.

Probably one of my least favorite things about this trip is all the organizational parts – tickets, accommodation, visas, routes, research, planning, documenting… Turns out administration is not fun even when you are living your dream.

At least we will slow down in Hanoi, which I think we are all ready for.

The dark has come down the alley of guesthouses we are staying in and is announcing the time for dinner.

Cheers to all.