What does a world traveling mom of three look like?

What does a world traveling mom of three look like?


1. Kid #1 – feeling positively negative about being at the train station at 5:30  in the morning

2. Kid #2 – still half-asleep, holding onto her Lego guys plastic made up houses, because we couldnt find a plastic bag for them to tie them to her bag as we usually do.

3. Kid #3 – just rolling with the punches, although slightly annoyed that he cant eat all the biscuits we bought for the ride right now.

4. Cherry top – paid $1 for it at the Chatuchak markets in Bangkok. Now I wish I bought a few more.

5. Fisherman’s pants – I bought two of those in Ubud, Bali for $10. The other pair of blue pants got spewed on by Kid #3 on a bus from Khao Kho to Bangkok, and after forgetting them in the bag for 2 days, I refused to open it and they ended up in the bin. Very extra wonderfully comfy.

6. A pink pair of Birkenstocks gifted to me by Mr.Blab’s mom awhile ago. The color kills me, but these shoes have become a part of me on this trip. They are cracking, peeling and maybe a bit smelly from time to time, but I have not put a different shoe on the whole 4 months. (except for a few hours on my trek in the Penang National park )

7. Sunglasses I bought in Little India in Singapore for a whopping $1. I never worry about these getting lost, cracking under an overexcited kid or someone stealing them.

Total for outfit: $7

8. Electronics/notepads/drawing supplies/passports bag, which gets the most protective attention as we move around.

9. My backpack – after a lot of consideration, we decided to vote with our money and bought a pair of One World backpacks. They were the only ones made in Australia and of excellent quality. So far they have been wonderful.

10. Our dog-wacker – yes, indeed, there is a big stick attached to Mr.Blab’s backpack every since we were in Thailand. Now its mostly for entertainment purposes, although it was a serious companion in a few places, like Sukhothai .

11.  Backdrop is the train station in Nha Trang, Vietnam, fresh from this morning.


I wish I could claim the idea for this post as my own, and maybe I can and nobody will ever know, but it isnt. Drew Gilbert did it, then suggested a bunch of us traveling parents do it as a group fun project. I got excited…then late for my submission. Still, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I think you should ;)

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