And then he was a week old

And then he was a week old

Where is the time flying? Our little man is already a week old and yet it feels like he has always been here.

I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful wishes, it has been so nice to receive those, as we are still quite recluse here in our own company. That is what working from home does to people in a new city (not that we are really complaining).

Baby Blob’s cord fell off today and with it the last signs of our long physical connection are gone.

He has been a little pleasure to be with. Very calm and content in his new surroundings. I hope it continues for…well, years to come.

Me, on the other hand, suffered with the worst cough for the first few days of his life. It was not funny  and I dont understand why after every birth of mine, I have to deal with some sort of crappy physical issue. I am starting to think its a pay off for how nicely the birth itself goes, something along the lines of “well, you cant have it too good, missy”.

I have been in misery with this head cold. I probably have some secondary infection going on in my sinuses and have been a bit like a zombie the last week. I even asked at the pharmacy if there is such a thing as antibiotic nose spray, I have been so desperate. But no such luck and since I wont take antibiotics there has been no point in going to the doctor. Just persevere and hope some of the natural stuff I have been doing will work….eventually.

The cough and sinus infection aside, this breastfeeding relationship started shaky too. As with all my kids, I dont get it easy and painless. Just have to go through the curling toes stage and crusty nipples (sorry to any males reading this). Fine, at least this time I was mentally prepared and dealt with it swiftly and we are past that stage relatively quickly.

I dont know if its just my crazy self or if more women feel that, but I have always found breastfeeding to be a bit of a mental burden. Being the only food source for my babies is quite the pressure, especially when there is no alternative that I care to give them. I find expressing and storing milk in great quantities gives me room to breathe and ability to relax. Even though Mr.Blab has to throw it all after few months. Maybe its some kind of obsessive milk disorder, but that is how I have felt every time.

The girls are in love! They kiss and hug him all day long, which is like honey to my soul. Big sister has always been very caring, but the little one surprised me too. She is so attentive and gentle and repeats “I liiiike him” or “I love him”.

I am trying to breathe in this little bundle of newborn fluff as much as I can. This is our last kid and I want to experience it to its fullest. This stage doesnt last long when one thinks of it.

Lastly, I wanted to say how much I appreciate my Mr.Blab. In the birth story I didnt mention him much, but he deserves his cuddos. He has been nothing but support and help to me. I always knew he will be an amazing dad, but he proves it daily.

And without him, I would have never been able to create something like this: