Da Lat when you are six years old

Da Lat when you are six years old

Join me in seeing this city through my daughter’s eyes.

The only negative part of hiring scooters in the places we stop at is that it means I cannot take my usual snaps as we walk around, which is a shame because this is when we see most of the things that fill our traveling souls to the rim.  Then, when we were in Mui Ne, it finally dawned on me (turns out I am slow) that I have a perfectly capable little girl in front of me, who will gladly hold my chunky camera and peak through the viewfinder in search of things that are interesting to her.

So, I draped the strap around her tiny neck, made a few adjustment to the camera and left her to it.

Here is what jewels I found on my memory card from this morning. Remember, most of those are taken while moving.

Featuring: yours truly, Mr.Blab and the other two kiddos on the other scooter, scooter getting filled, sights around Dalat and feet.

Do give her some encouragement, as she was very excited that her photographs would be on the blog.

I personally wonder why I don’t utilize child labour more often..