Mountain panorama – Thailand

Other than carpal tunnel syndrome, taking 17,000 pictures in less than four months means that yours truly has a few years of work to sort out the electronic pile of images I have dropped on myself. It is paralyzing. I sit down to write a post and inevitably end up trying to figure out which shots to include…dig,, click..holy cow!…tz, tz, tz…hey, remember when we…wow, that was great…hahaha…I cant possibly include 159 pictures in a post…maybe 100…anybody? Too much?…how about these ones…oh, when did it become 2am! I will sort it out tomorrow, yawn.Crash.

And it doesnt get done.

I am so behind on destinations now that even deciding about which parts to write about just adds a straitjacket to my already snapola-paralyzed mind.

If you still dont feel sorry for me, I just spent 3 hours going through shots from our time in the mountain village of Khao Kho in Thailand and still dont have the post about it. Its dark, everyone is asleep bar my laptop lit face and its 2:33am. I have achieved nothing of what I wanted to. Feel sorry for me, darn it.

I am a stubborn one though and tonight just couldnt sleep without ticking at least a little box somewhere. Frustration might bring the best of me, I hope.

Voila – I have a panorama shot from the scenery of the mountain in Thailand. Click on it to enjoy it in its full glory.

The post that goes with it? Whenever I manage to wrangle and win the monstrosity of pictures I have created.

Enough of that, lets dive into Thailand:


Important Note: Whining and explanations for lack of blogging is a no-freaking-no in the rules of engagement for any self-respecting wanna-be important blogger.  That might explain why after 3 years, I am still mostly talking to myself. If you are a brogger and dont want to end up like me, please stick to the rules provided kindly by successful online writers  and leave the complaining to me. And god damn, feel sorry for me.

I think I really need to go to sleep now.