So…who is in that belly?

So…who is in that belly?


Come in and find out!

These are our last pictures as a family of four and as undisputed queens of the kingdom of Blab.

As most of you know we had planned a home birth in a pool and most of the preparations for that were done. Well…I think we were ready with everything that was important.

The pool has been in an armed and ready position in the living room since about 2 weeks ago and the rest was waiting to be set up in a hurry when the time came.

9 Sept

I lost some of the plug in the evening. Usually a sign for me that things will be happening within a few days.

10 Sept

Sick as a dog.

The girls had been battling this cough and cold for a week or so, but I was secretly hoping that it was what I already had 2 weeks ago. Not so.

I was knocked down with a horrific cold. Pretty bad as the last one, but with a bonus gut ripping cough for good measure.

11 Sept

Still K.O. – coughing, blocked nose, red leaking eyes…feeling dreadful and just move from one laying down position to another. Hope and talk to the little one that he cant come out now. The thought of giving birth in this condition was enough to make me cry.

12 Sept

By now my ribs hurt from coughing. I am surprised that the waters havent broken from all that pressure. Look like death and feel like it too.

In the afternoon I feel a slight chance that I might be turning a corner and decide that this is it – tomorrow I will be better and done with this.

Mr. Blab gives me a wonderful massage on the legs, as the lack of movement has made them quite painful. I take another extra hot shower and give myself a good overall rub. Jumped on the treadmill for a few minutes to get the blood moving  and we went to bed at about 11:30-12:00.

13 Sept

( This has been my birth song in my head, so I thought you may want to listen to it too if you chose to – just press this and it will play in the background – )

1:45 – I am awaken by a painful contraction -  I have to even rub my back to get through it. Turned to the other side and a little while later, another contraction…ouch, this one was pushing on my bladder and I decided to go to the loo when its finished.

While in the toilet I see I have a bloody show. Not much, but enough to make me a bit mad. I was not ready to be in labour.

Had another contraction.

Went online to see if I can time those dreadful things, but the webpage was not working. Great!

Timed one of the contractions – about 80sec long.

6 min later – another one – about 90 sec long.

The fact that I didnt want to sit on the chair while timing those, made me think this is most likely the true thing. And then while walking into the kitchen I realized I felt energetic and quite well, which again made me suspicious my body is getting me ready for labor.

Few more contractions and they feel strong.

2:10 – I turn the lights on in the bedroom and Mr. Blab looks at me.
Me: I think its party time
Him: Yeah?
Me: Yeah
Him: ….ok…you are having contractions?
Me: Yes, a bunch. I think its a good idea to get some stuff prepared.

I told him to get the pool sorted and went to get some towels. All the while having those rather painful contractions through which I have to stop and deal with.
Mr.Blab starts to knock some nails over the door frame from the living room to the kitchen. We had talked about how I would like that closed off, so I have some privacy if the midwives decide to stay there and the light will bug me. Still, it made me a bit mad, as I did repeat to him a few times to sort out the pool. I felt we didnt have heaps of time to dilly dally.

He gets to the pool. Now it seems the connection with the kitchen tap is not great and he cant just turn it on from there, so he is trying from the bathroom.

Me: It wont work from there, we tried it.
HIm: You sure?
So I pull the hose to the pool and….it doesnt quite reach. Doh!

Contractions throughout. I am not happy the pool is not getting filled quick or at all. I loosely put the covers around the couch and floor. Cant be bothered to do a neater job.

I warm a herbal heat pad in the microwave and walk around with it on my back. Feels good.

Now he is going to hold the hose to the kitchen tap. Fine. I see the water flowing through and I am happy.  He asks if I want him to time the contractions and I let him know when the next one goes

2:32  – 78sec

2:36 -  97sec

I didnt feel like playing the time the contractions game anymore. They hurt and I had to deal with them – standing over the couch and pulling the heat pad on my back.

Asked Mr.Blab to call the midwife. They talk shortly and then I take the phone. She asks me what going on and I let her know things just started, but since the contractions are so painful, I think this is it and we are definitely on the way. She says she will be on her way.

Its dark in the living room, other than the standing paper lamp. A bit cool and I think to myself we will have to put the heater on.

I walk around and freeze with a lean over the couch with each contraction. These are strong. I breathe and relax with each, but its getting hard.

The pool is filled. Mr. Blabs walks around now sorting the video, bless his heart. There is some issue with how its dark and cant see much…I couldnt be stuffed at this point. All I am thinking is whether its time to plop in the pool.

At some point I just took my clothes off, put my top on and dived in. It felt nice, but it seemed to make the contractions stronger. I was uneasy… in my mind:

I couldnt find a position that gave me relief. This felt too much like transition, but its too soon. I have barely been in labour.

A contraction comes in that sends me up and then down in the pool, I felt out of control with this one…half way through it my body takes over and starts to bear down! Oooooh….ahhh….what?! Already?

Surprising at first, it explains the whole thing and why I was feeling that way minutes ago. I kneel ready for the next contraction and sure enough, the pushing had come. The urge was huge, bigger than I remembered it. I dont push consiously with my births, just let my body do its job and follow. Leaning over the side of the pool, relaxed my head on it and just feel the urges and go with them.

Me (louder): He is coming!

I didnt want Mr.Blab to miss the first pictures.

3:15 – I hear chatter in the background and figure the midwife is here.

Mr.Blab: She said he is coming and knowing her, he probably is.

They quickly bring the equipment in.

Next contraction I reach down, as I feel the head descending lower. I feel the tissues bulging, but no head yet.
I like “pushing”. This stage feels much more productive and the imminent end makes it even sweeter. The pain is gone and in its place is this overpowering strength and force that has taken over to bring the baby out.

During the contraction I feel the slimy head with my fingers. Very slimy. Later on I discover its probably because he was still with intact waters at this stage.

Crowning…I breathe…breathe…dont want to tear…more head in my hand. At some point at this stage the waters break.

I can feel his whole head in my hand. Round and slippery. A little while after that the head starts to turn clockwise. I feel his body moving slowly. My eyes are closed and I am just feeling and touching him.
Soon his face is towards me and he is coming out. I reach behind his neck and guide him forward. When most of him is out I put both my hands under his soft armpits and see him beautiful under the water…sit back and welcome him home:


Plop his warm, juicy body on my chest and take a deep breath. He is crying softly, as though to let me know he is alright. I rub his body, which feels so soft and moisturized by the vernix, bits of which are now floating in the water. He has one spot of blood cloth on top of his head and I wipe that and have a quick look around. Not a drop of other blood in sight.

Mr. Blab is taking pictures and comes over to look at Baby Blob, grinning from ear to ear. Gives me a kiss.

Later on I hear him saying:
– That was amazing!

Midwife “Care” gives me a towel to put over the new man.


I am so relieved…this is so good and so right.

Daddy goes to see if he can wake up the big sisters. Only the biggest one shows up and she is in love…


I stayed in the pool for about the next 1.5 hours. Had glasses of water and sipped on a cup of raspberry leaf tea, made by the backup midwife.

Baby Blob sipped too ;)

My sick was back soon after the birth. My voice was almost gone and I was just about whispering. I barely talked when we called US Grandma to tell her the news.

Then I was relieved we couldnt find BG Grandma, cause I didnt feel like talking at all.



The room was still quite dark. This is a better feel of it:

The placenta had separated and I tried to push it out, but truth be told I really didnt feel like pushing much. I am not that good at it anyway ;)

So Care suggested we cut the cord and go sit on the toilet to birth the placenta. I liked that idea better.

Big Sister didnt want to cut it, so Daddy got the honors, those are my and his hands only:

Daddy time:

A plastic tub is put on the toilet and I sit…few seconds later my body has a mini contraction and pushes the placenta out. This is such a relief every time!

Then we are off to look at it, like a bunch of witches ;)

I love and respect placentas. They are a part of my babies, what cared for them and kept them safe and secure. They are a miracle in themselves.

This one is given the tick of approval and we move on to placenta prints. I had planned on doing it myself, but when Care asked me if I want prints, I took the offer happily. Didnt really feel like doing it by myself.

Check up time for Baby Blob. In his own towel, on the floor of his home.

Hug from the most wonderful Care.

I had a feeling I can trust this woman from the very beginning I met her. She exhumed understanding and passion and most of all respect for what was essentially a very important moment for our family.

She knew I was after a very private and self directed birth and she didnt waver. Even though she had let me know that when she arrives she will have to do a quick blood pressure and listen to the tones of the baby, she saw the baby was coming and didnt bug me with these procedures, for which I am very grateful .At some point in the night she asked me:
– Was that “hands off” enough for you?
– Perfect! Thank you!

I noticed she put on gloves for those first minutes of approaching Baby Blob, as I had mentioned that I wanted him to have contact with only me and his family, so his gut and skin is colonized with our bacteria.

And on and on…Thank you!

I had a shower. And we sipped on a glass of good red wine on the floor, while Big Sister was enjoying holding her little brother.

The day was here.

Baby Blob was dressed in an outfit of his sister’s choice and fed again. Midwife Care made sure we are well and set off home.

Big Sister went to bed.

Daddy, I and our new member went to bed too. Happy and exhausted.


A wonderful, magical, incredible night…and yet, so utterly normal.




Welcome Home.