A back street in Sukhothai

A back street in Sukhothai

Not many tourists have survived the vicious soi dogs of Sukhothai. Its a fact, dont smirk at me. The stories come from centuries ago (it was chocking with tourists then), passed on through the generations, or just day-old rumors bouncing through the grapevine for morning entertainment of the locals.  We are just food for their pets after all.

The dogs on the main roads are half asleep, usually with missing limbs and too lazy to chase you or even take notice of you. Maybe they never made it in the sidestreets and were kicked by the k-nine mafia there. I guess they bare the wounds of the war zone there. At least they are breathing, which cant be said for all those travelers never to have been seen again.

They are smart little flea infested buggers, cleverly weaving the net of deceit around unsuspecting tourists.

“See, nothing to worry about…a girl is passing by and I couldnt care less…scratching my ear…relax…I am…prrrr”

Then, as you are feeling confident you can make it through the narrow street alive, the winds change and the beast is unleashed, coming for your fast pulsing jugular.


Not scared yet?

Naivety can be deadly, my friend. Look at it! Its already tasting your exotic, pounded tender by the buses hind meat.

You save yourself.

We now carry a “dog wacker” (crossed the border with us too) bamboo massive stick and I have been known to walk around with a huge tree branch around us to discourage gourmet loving local dogs.