And the winners are…

And the winners are…


Thank you all for joining in the fun. I loved reading your guesses and attempts at influencing the iron-clad-serious jury of me. You know  who you are. Loved it.

Finding out the exact figures took some time (yes, I had no clue what the numbers were either), but I am done and ready to announce the people with the proper psychic powers.

First, the maths and break down of the photographic damage I have unleashed in the world:


February (28th only, Day1) – 172

March – 4,749

April -  5,218

May -  5,331

June (til 7th, Day 100) – 1,396


Total: 16,866 snapolas!


Wow, that is  168 shots per day. No wonder my right hand has been hurting lately.

One of those snaps to keep the suspense going…


The home of the scarf at the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Results:

(Reminder: The winner gets to chose the item they would like me to send them. The second then gets the option to receive the other item and if they dont want it it will go down the line until it finds a loving home)


1. Kambanka 17,000 (+134)

2. Vanya 17,777 (+911)


3. Rachel 18,050 (+1,184)

4. Sandra 14,982 (-1,884)

5. Bec 19,332  (+2,466)



Now we are awaiting to see what Queen Psychic Kambanka desires (scarf?).
Vanya, a bag for you? Pass?

On the left is the fringe of the Chatuchak market in Bangkok, previous home of the bag on offer, also one of the biggest markets in the world

Oh, we miss Bangkok..