From Thailand for you

From Thailand for you

I have been meaning to do this for awhile, but since I am a dreadful shopper (just ask the family), its only today that I managed to put everything together. If I could, I would buy you all something, better yet, bring you along so we can tread the busy streets of Bangkok together and eat mango sticky rice till we are sick. Doesnt that sound appealing?

Unfortunately, we are barely scraping by on this trip for ourselves, so you will have to accept a little giveaway instead.

It was impossible to guess what will be acceptable or a welcomed gift for most of you, so in the end I went with what I liked and when I bought it for me, I bought one for you too. Actually it went more like, I liked it for a gift and then bought one for myself, because if it went the other way, I would have bought nothing (terrible shopper, as I said).


First, I have a H’mong style patchwork bag for you. Bright, big and delicious. Bought today at the biggest market – Chatuchak in Bangkok – from a lovely old lady, who didn’t want to bargain with me. She was wonderful and her bags were not scraggly like most of the ones I have seen so far. So now I have two – one is for you.



If you are squinting at the screen with disgust, wondering who in the world could possibly like this, dont worry. I have a very safe option as well.


Second, I have a light scarf, bought at our favorite market so far – the Sunday street market in Chiang Mai. It is soft, 100% cotton, made in Chiang Mai and a very mellow green natural color.




– Guess in the comments of this post, how many pictures I have taken in the first 100 days of our trip.

– The one that is closest to the number, will get to choose one of the items above and will be listed in the International Psychic Register.

– The second closest will then say if she/he wants the other item. If not, I will go down the results until someone wants it. Hopefully not too far down, or I will have to have a good look at my style then and I may very well suffer some unintended psychological effects.

– Seriously though, I hope someone that will enjoy these things will receive them, so be honest.

– The guessing will end on the 20th of June.

– I will send the gifts as soon as I can, but it can take awhile to organize.

– If two people guess the same number and it turns out to be the winning one, the first person to guess is the winner.

That about covers it all.

Thank you for your company and it has been a pleasure to share this journey with you.

Good luck!