A stop on the way to Amed

A stop on the way to Amed

“Is it worth $5?” asks me Mr.Blab after he has finished bargaining with the driver we have hired to take us to Amed about how much extra it will be to take us to the Tegalalang terraces as well.

“Well..,”  the pressure!  “…its supposed to be beautiful.” I so hate spending money and really dont want to make the call. I have read the reviews, know how to barely say the name and thats-about-it. How in the world can I be sure if its worth a whole lot of five dollars?!

“Sure, let’s go,” I mumble under my nose and hope that I am not making a mistake.

Its uncomfortable to be going in the opposite direction than our final destination for the day and the ride takes longer than I expected. Ubud stays behind us, as we pass the long line of wholesale shops selling statues, wooden furniture, stone works and anything really. I see a lot of the “exotic” merchandise found in the shops back home, only now its much cheaper and sitting ungracefully on the streets and in crude shops, looking common and mass produced.

And then we arrive and beyond the few souvenir shops waiting for tourists, I see the deep greens of one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.