She expands and is sick as a dog

She expands and is sick as a dog

Hello everyone,

I know I have been missing in action, but I have good excuse, as usual. I have been battling the most terrible cold for the last week. I look like something has beat me up, pulled me out of my bloody expanding spot and beat me up again. And feel like it too.

So, I decided to share some bump pictures with you this time. Maybe make me feel better.

Those were done about one and a half weeks ago – I was in the 35th week – end of the 8th month. Those of you that have seen me pregnant before would see that this little guy is making me look pretty big. I wonder how much more would I have to grow to make him comfortable – little stinker.

Most of those were done with the self timer, but for some I have to thank Mr.Blab. He was a wonderful apprentice and after the initial shock of being allowed to handle my camera, he did pretty well.

Yes, I am pretty proud of my backbend ;)

Can you see! I still have a six pack! Ha ha haha

Other than that the preparations for the arrival of the new addition are on the way. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning with some sorting in between. The nesting stage has definitely got to me. Right now I am washing the couch cushions and the stroller covers in the machine. No sickness can stop my madness.

I really hope I feel better soon, because there is not much left.

3 weeks and counting…