The green thumbs behind the gardens of the Grand Palace

The green thumbs behind the gardens of the Grand Palace


My thumbs wilt at the sight of green, so I am always in awe of anyone that is able to keep even a pot plant alive for more than a few weeks. I cannot.

This is quite an unpleasant situation, because I love gardens. I can lose myself in the shapes of the trees, and the aroma brought on by the waking flowers is enough to brighten up even the grayest of my days. I use a lot of herbs when cooking, so a patch of basil, oregano, thyme and parsley with a hedging of curry and now pandan leaves makes my knees tremble and my taste buds buzz with the possibilities.

One day I will have that dream garden, I will, but for now I am limited to enjoying the work of others. There are no herbs in the carefully manicured gardens in front of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, but visual appeal is aplenty.


I can only imagine how much work and sweat under the tropical heat it takes to care for this place and create this art. My curiosity built up as I saw the people in brown quietly and unassumingly moving around the thick greens, going about their business.

If I spoke even a little Thai, I would have chatted them up for sure. I can only imagine how much colour they could have transfused into my wilted brown thumb.


Thank you for the pleasure of enjoying your craft. Respect.