Late night blabs

Selamat petang.
Well, its more like midnight, but I have no idea how to say that.  Its late, I am hot and my eyes are dried up by the fan that is working furiously above me to keep me from melting, and I just had a need to come and say hi.

It has been lazy few days, spent doing not much at all and enjoying the fact that we can do that. Our time in Malaysia is coming to an end and now we are looking and planning the Thailand leg of this journey. From time to time, especially while frantically trying to map and think of the next step,  I wonder if it would have been better for us to be more prepared, but whats the point in sulking, the milk has long dried up on the floor.

Tomorrow we will do a dash to the Thai consulate here to try and sort out the visas, which a few months ago we wouldnt have needed. Luck left us hanging and went on holidays too, meaning: visa regulations changed since we started and the 30 day free visit for us, became a 15 day one, since we would be arriving by land. We contemplated running up the country for 15 days, visiting Laos and then running down Thailand for another 15 days to save on having to pay for visas, but after some more serious thinking we abandoned that idea for now.

Another thing that I am sorting out is the possibility of staying in Bangkok for 1 month – renting a comfortable apartment and just cruising for a bit. Initially we were supposed to do that in Penang, but things just never added up together nicely and now I am glad we didnt. I cant say that the island has lived up to our expectations, built up by numerous superlatives by locals and other travelers.

But I also wonder if there is a better place to stop for a month, other than Bangkok…something smaller, more intimate, with more opportunity to mix in with people and for the kids to play in the mud with other little fellas. Well actually, I dont wonder, I am sure there must be, but how to find it? I am getting sick of research, so if you know something dont keep it to yourself, share.

Japan…we have left the decision of whether to go or not until the very end, when we are sipping drinks in a cafe in Beijing maybe. We are dying to go. The idea that we wont stop at Kyoto as planned, coupled with the very real possibility of not visiting Mexico due to its drug wars, leaves us lacking, wanting and unfulfilled. Those two are on the top of our dream destinations and luck seems to be extending its holiday even further. Bugger!

I can hear the rain is coming… it has been raining every day.

What about you? What are you doing this fine day, other than reading this very fine blog, written by a very fine lady with very dry eyes?