How to watch Formula1, entertain the kids and double your beer in Singapore

How to watch Formula1, entertain the kids and double your beer in Singapore

Traveling on “starve the monk” budget means that we usually dont have cable TV available, which is rarely a problem unless its Formula1 weekend. Then its a problem. I can survive without it, but Mr.Blab can not.

So there we were, two kids in toe, running through the city and its bigger hotels, trying to find a lobby or cafe that would serve us coverage without gauging our pockets.The Ibis hotel had the TV going at the small bar near the entrance. It was ok, but not enough to contain our family for 2 hours. We kept it in mind and ran out again. Next stop – the Intercontinental. This hotel emits we are fancy, dont come near us if you dont wear exhuberantly expensive clothing vibes. We entered despite of that. A carefully groomed man behind the desk quickly sent us away to a bar and shopping enclave nearby – Chijmes.

At this time of the day, most places were not opened yet and the only one offering what we wanted was the  Hogs Breath Cafe. Yes, we come from Australia and yes, this is an Australian franchise, but we had to go to Singapore and be desperate for their loud TVs showing the Grand Prix to be lulled inside.

Right next to where we would be parking our behinds there was an impromptu play room. Hallelujah! The kids disappear in a cloud of dust.

Mr.Blab and I sit with relief  and await the start of the race.


At some point, with great trepidation, we open the big menu. This is no hawker setup, no siree.


To have a few drinks here will cost us as much as a 1/3 of our daily budget.  On the other hand we are not that cheap that we would rub off their seats, soak up their TV and not get anything. After some deliberation and creative money saving techniques we decide on an approach.

First we order a beer. Small one. Also a cheap juice.

After 45 min, we order a kids set, which includes a burger, a drink and ice cream – to keep the kids happy.

After another 15 min we order a coffee, to keep me happy.


One beer on an empty table with two TV screen gawkers makes it clear that we are cheap bastards, a fact we’d rather hide if possible. Nobody likes cheap bastards. So?


So, after the kids have guzzled the juice, you take their empty glass and pour some beer inside it.


Now you look like regular folk enjoying the race and having a drink, just remember to sip slooowly. Plus, weirdly enough, and I apologize to any beer aficionados out there, I like my beer with ice.  Win, win, win.