It is hot here

It is hot here

I am not a sweaty kind of person, but lately my bosom has been stewing in my own juices daily and I am getting used to that pleasant trickle down my back, all indicating that its darn hot around these south-east Asian lands.

Ewwww, the audience exclaims, all comfortable in their respectfully air-conditioned or warmed up abodes. Oh, the position of privilege. I miss it.

If you are not comfortable with sweat, do not come near here. Alternatively, go somewhere where there are none of us, tourists, which seem to be the ones most in need of replenishing lost moisture. I figure the locals are used to it or they have some swift working towels in their pockets, but they rarely look as worked up as us, even the guy working around the fire pit oven in the Indian restaurant (ok, he is probably not human).


So daily we are dreaming of a white Christmas, or white anything that will bring us closer to the freezing noses of winter with snow.  Even though we are fully aware that then we will want to be here, because the chill of winter is only fun while you are throwing those snow balls or until you can still feel the tips of your fingers and toes.

You can now appreciate the great time we had with this industrial quality blower in one of the local food courts.

Hold on, it was not great time.

It was mega great time.

There is no relief in sight for the next few months. I am hoping that by then we may have become more used to it or just dried and shriveled thus incapable of expanding more liquid.

Until then, if you pass us by, yes!, we were just swimming in that water over there. Yes, with our clothes on. Seriously.