The Others

It is in the search of the perfect travel bag that I was confronted by… “The Others”. You know, The Others, those that are not me, that dont think like me and will probably not like me. They are everywhere, and yet, my luggage hunt was what made them so obvious to me. No, I have not gone mad, that happened a while ago.

I have been visiting all sorts of shops, big and small, cheap and not so, to find those two illusive bags that will make my trip that much better and easier. Its quite simple, a lightweight big luggage on good wheels, not black, so I will be able to spot it easily on the belt at the airport (yes, I am smart), and a bag to bring with me on the plane, that will carry my laptop, camera, lenses, book and other stuff, and have a separate compartment for my documents and boarding passes and whatnot. See, nothing to it. Or so you would think.

Sitting in the middle of this big luggage shop, I discovered that The Others, want nothing like what I do. They are after big heavy suitcases, little shiny cases that will scratch as soon as you take them out the door, from the gush of wind carrying those pesky particles; they are really, really into that luggage with big logos on them, that scream “I am not, and will never ever be a Luis Vuitton or a Gucci!” and those backpacks, those backpacks, that were designed by starving, blind Swedes in the dark basement of the owner of “Ugly Materials Co.” that is next to “Excess Zippers Inc”.

I have felt like a weirdo many a times in shops, but never did I discover The Others’ presence so much. All the things I dont like or will never buy, will make the day of one of them and vice versa. Yes, they make my search for things very time consuming, cause shops stock for them too, which is of great inconvenience to me. But they sometimes come up with interesting ideas, that I didnt think of myself, that I chose to embrace. They make my everyday experiences richer and more interesting, as what will life be, if they were just like me? A smooth, pleasant and lets face it, boring run through the day, instead of the barrage of puzzling thoughts, wonder, disgust, curiosity, surprise, fear, frustration and the sweet sense of achievement that I went through, just in the search of two bags.

Thank you, The Others! I appreciate you, maybe not always, but most of the time.