A day in Singapore in captions

A day in Singapore in captions

While buying some cheap sunglasses, the Dod decides to pick some of his own. I guess it helps to be high


Breakfast in Little India


Dosa for breakfast


Pulled tea - they pour it from such a height that it gets really frothy and the excess foam is caught by the double cup. Delicious.


Burfi for desert after breakfast - we all liked the milk ones the best.


Little India is one colorful place with equally colorful people

High rise buildings are everywhere


Bakwa selling shop, one of many around Chinatown


Bakwa is very popular and with reason, its finger licking, melt in your mouth bbq-ed meat. Quite expensive too


Around Chinatown


Another Bakwa shop in Chinatown


Beautiful shophouses in the center of Chinatown


Main market area in Chinatown



Surprisingly, fruit was quite expensive in Singapore, but I guess they probably have to import it as they have no land for farming.



Visitors of the Hindu temple in Chinatown



One of the Hindu temples in Chinatown. We sat in on the grass for a little while, resting.



Leaving Chinatown and going into the city center


One of the few green areas we saw. Nothing much, but at least there was grass


Yakult has more than original flavour! There was grape, apple and orange too. Who knew?!


Looking for a garbage bin around the only grass in Singapore


The river


Chilli crab? This is the place. See it, point to it, then eat it.


Eat right on the river.


A whole line of seafood restaurants, all badgering you to come in. Quite annoying.


How Singapore stays so sparkling clean.



Ice cream cart, where the man makes you an ice cream sandwich by getting two wafers and then slapping a block of ice cream in between.


Delicious and refreshing for only $1


Kids being kids, throwing each other in the river.


Esplanade bridge, next to the Merlion


The convention center building shaped like the ever so smelly durian fruit


Marina Bay Sands - the most expensive casino in the world - its also a resort, mall and theatres.


Esplanade Bridge, where the Formula1 cars fly through each year.


Horrible shop


I did not buy a wafer of each kind. No, no.


The kids got a bag of Jelly Bellies, because Mr.Blab lost a bet with them.


Someone bought this doughnut


Malls in Singapore are evil - extra nice and extra pricy.


Lunch on a bench


Glamor mall environment



This is an art college.


Little India fruit and veg market


A shrine in one of the shops in Little India


Hotel. Kids are playing shop (selling Dodman memorabilia for gazillions of dollars) on the phone.


Quick dinner on the floor of the hotel room.