Goodbye Bali, turbulence and hello Singapore

Goodbye Bali, turbulence and hello Singapore

We are ready to move on, we thought when it was time to leave Bali. Still, spending 10 beautiful relaxing days in Amed had made us quite comfortable in the place and it was not quite as easy to sever the line.

We had bought the tickets to Singapore on sale weeks ago and now the plane was waiting for us to take us away.

I still dont like flying.

I have said it before and I will probably say it again, sorry about that. Its not uncontrollable fear, I am just an uncomfortable baggage in that big metal machine. Every bump perks my senses, with every sudden dip my guts freeze and I just dont feel fully relaxed until those wheels glide (even bumpily so) onto that tarmac and bring me back to Earth.

The flight is about 3 hours, so not much more than drink your stuff, put it in a bag and get ready to land. This one though, was special. Despite the clear blue skies and fluffy clouds, we had lovely turbulence. Lovely of course is an ironic adjective, because there is nothing lovely about it. There is little funny about turbulence, unless you are a raving stress lunatic.

I was quite happy at the sight of the first land in the distance.

Seeing tanker ships dot the blues underneath, I knew we are in close proximity to a great port and the end of my high heartbeat.

Oh, yes…the land is near.

Just get me out of this thing.

Then came this cloud, all white and cute, inviting and promising good things within its fluffy insides.

Instead it made the plane shake and dip the loooooongest dip, causing me to clasp those seat handrests and sink my now white nails into the uncomfortable metal that made them.

It was the longest darn cloud, the lying cloud proving the saying dont judge a book by its cover. Look at me, I am so adorable and soft…my butt.

This sight was the best one of the flight. No more deceiving white floaters.

Taxing after landing is always a wonderful experience.


Surprisingly (I didnt even think they do this kind of thing anymore, seeing that we are all potential te–orists) the kids got invited to see the cockpit and the captain and even got to sit in the captain’s chair.

Did you know that there are buttons and switches everywhere in there? On every surface? I am not sure if that makes me less or more nervous flying. “Oups, I tripped and pressed a whole lot of stuff here…yikes…” said the captain and then scratched his head and his elbow inadvertently switched the plain into self destruction mode and the rest is history.

Enough paranoia for the day, lets marvel at my captain.

Singapore immigration procedures were painless and straight forward and before long we were finding our way into Singapore.


We had no accommodation, but I had read about a counter in the airport that provides service to visitors in regards to hotels and we thought we would try it first. It turned out quite a good move, because the women there were very helpful and the prices they had were lower than I had been seeing in my research before arriving.

With our roof sorted, brand spanking new map in hand and ready for discoveries we made our way to the train.

My kids are quite safety conscious.

Only, the picture is quite misleading, because only Miss Fab was using the handle the proper way. The Dodman, to your left, was on my back and pretending to need a handle to keep his balance. The hand on your right belongs to Little B, who could not possibly reach the handle unless she jumps up at it like a monkey and then hangs on it like a fresh load of laundry.

After Bali, Singapore’s high rise buildings were a bit of a culture shock. It really underlined how wrong these blocks of concrete are. Where is the life? Where are the people, the cooking, the children that wave and giggle, the smiling faces?

One can walk through these places, housing thousands of people and not see a single face.

Luckily, we were staying in Little India, which is much more welcoming.

The smells, the Bollywood music, the colors and gold, make this one dynamic and fun place.

That day we made a quick dash to the Bugis street market.

Mr.Blab and I had some great memories from this place, walking around and then sitting down for some food and beer with ice, yes with ice, which was the most pleasurable thing amidst the choking heat.

Sadly, things have changed and there is not much food at the market now. Its been squeezed into a small dark area consisting of 4 hawker outlets and a few tables by trinkets. Still, there are things to see and enjoy, although I am not sure they are worth fighting the crowds that visit the place.

Mmmmm…egg tarts.

The juice bonanza is new to us, but we sure appreciated it. Its no beer with ice, but one has to work with whatever is available.

For dinner we escaped into one of the hawker food courts.

And thus began our Singapore visit.