The cliche post

The cliche post

Yesterday, after an early get up, waiting for a bus without schedule and then making it to the bus that was to take us to the east coast, a long 6 hour ride, being dropped off in the middle of a main road and walking into the village that we were heading into, we sweatily roamed the streets in search of accommodation and finally settled into this:

That brown bungalow on the left is ours.

I am jumping up in the story a bit, there is a lot to say about the places that I have not written about, but, but…but, the sweetness of this set up is impossible for one person to hang onto for long. Its so sweet, it will give me cavities.

This is our front yard and I guess we were ready for it, all of us.


Even the little grubby fella, found himself a little rock set up and splashed in the pool.

We soaked up the sunset as though we have never seen one before. The water is like tea – warm and clear – reminds me of late summer Black Sea holiday. Only its nicer.

But, if we thought the sunset was amazing, we were absolutely left without comment at the sight of what the morning brought to us.

The sea had retracted so much along the shallow floor, that now there were numerous little pools and “islands” for us to explore. And that is exactly what we did.

And to complete this full of cliche images post, I will throw in this one of the girls running a kite on the beach.

The sea is now back and we will spend the afternoon right here.

Sorry about that ;)