Beneath the full moon in Amed

Beneath the full moon in Amed

More than a month ago, a blogging kindred spirit Nikki from Eastside Curry started one of her old traditions of having full moon walks with her children and writing a journal of the experience. Reading about their previous memories and the simple pleasures of observing, feeling and getting in touch with the dark night grabbed me immediately, but I didnt think we would be able to find quiet times and places to do it, so I just resigned to reading what they are up to each month.

And then Amed delivered, as usual.

It was a beautiful night. I knew it was full moon from the one before, because at some point in the night I had it blaring at me from one of the windows. But it was soon forgotten when the sun showed up.

The second night I wanted to get a few pictures of mount Agung at night, so I went up the observational tower next to us and started to play with what was in front. The fishing boats filled the beach and the salt drying stacks lined up, ready as always to be used by the people that filled the tiny shack houses amongst the trees. The mountain was clear from the clouds and looked like it was part of a movie set – big drawing not really there as backdrop to this seemingly unworthy foreground.

And then the electricity went out.

And this is when the moon’s presence was fully felt, as it lit around me. The kids giggles came and then they showed up next to me, excited by the darkness. Mr.Blab brought the Dod and we stood there, quietly, observing. And you do, you talk quieter when the lights are out and you are out there in the world, insignificant next to what lies in the darkness.

We didnt walk, but we took part in the moon and its dance with the clouds. We felt it, we were there.

Then the lights came on and we were back to our activities.

Then I captured it, for our records.