Hello Tokyo – First afternoon

Hello Tokyo – First afternoon

So the train was right on time and I popped on at my cart – its important to do that, as different carts go to different destinations ;)

The seats were way more comfortable than the plane ones and the ride was very enjoyable. They even bring drinks and snacks. But I had my own.

The ride took about 1.5 hours, but the views were lovely, although cloudy, and I grabbed a quick snooze here and there.

This was all easy peasy so far. But as soon as I stepped into Shinjuku station and I knew my luck has run out. It is the biggest and busiest train station in Japan! My map to the hotel is in Japanese, there are 4 exits…

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I tried to figure it out from the signs in Japanese (as my map is that way) and set off. Went up, went down…went up…walked to where I thought I should, carrying my heavy as a bomb backpack with red shoulders. Had to make sure I am on the right track, cause I wasnt sure I could make my way back from then on and I started point signing with a lady and my unreadable map. Apparently I am on the right way and keep on going that way – point to direction. Ok.

So I get to where the right exit should be. Its on a level under the street, I look for an elevator or something. The first I find is under construction. Off to find something else, cause the stairs are a last option – they looked rather steep and my bags are rather heavy – how the hell did that happen, I barely have any clothes.

So I find a way and go up to street level. Nothing looks like whats on my map. Crap.

I see a lonely old man standing around and try my luck. More signing and huh muhing and he points a finger. Off I go. The place is happening. I just want to throw these bags somewhere, maybe in that ditch there?

And somehow I end up infront of my hotel! On the other side of a busy street. Blah!

Finally I make it through and I am in. Lots of bows and presenting of money with more little bows and I finally get rid of those dreaded bags in my tini tiny room.

Relax a bit, update you guys (I am glad you are reading, cause otherwise I will not be doing this, I will slack for sure). Figure out what to carry on my first outing. Find a proper map in my luggage.

And I am off!

Not quite sure where I am going, but I take a direction and hope for the best. This place is magnificent! So much happening, so many signs your head goes wild. People, people, people. Big crosswalks that come alive as soon as the green pops on.

I know departments stores are a good place to start – easy and all in one place. So I follow the map to this one and go in to explore.

OMG! You girls, this is like nothing I have ever seen. So much choice, so many options, so many different things than I am used to being exposed. I wish I was feeling braver and spunkier to have taken pictures, but maybe next time.

So much stuff that I skipped a few floors to get to the kids one. Good I have a pretty good self control, because you can spend the last cent you have ever made in one of those places. Whatever your heart desires – cute, cutesy, cutable…Boy stuff that is absolutely loooovely. Prams and strollers like out of animation movies, with frills and bows, light as a feather, I even wanted to get one and I am not big on them.

The stationery section was like some dream – precious papers and envelopes of all kinds. Pens that you never would have thought about. WOW!

I did buy a little bag of things for the girls, but I am a human after all.

I was starving by the end of this. Off to see the top floor, supposable food section.

And it was. A quiet mellow place with all kinds of little eateries, meticulously maintained and all with their little specialities shown in front on those amazing plastic models. For which I am so thankful!

I choose a place and was greeted like the queen I am ;). Its just how they are, they are constantly greeting people around in the shops and restaurant. You know, like on the movies, when a client enters a sushi bar and the whole place goes “#$(#&&#(&%” with smiles – well, its like that.

I take my waitress outside to point to one of the yummy things, not quite sure she understood, but hell, I will eat anything.

The food arrives surprisingly almost exactly as it looks on the front display! Nothing like those burgers that seem to have gotten through the Pull out Ingredients machine, or those Desaturate Color and Minimize in Size ones.

This was sooooooo delicious. Down to the little pickled vegetable in the tiny plate you see up there. The broth of the soup was to die for, so flavorsome. Under the pile of things on the other plate, most of which I am not sure what they where, was rice.

9 out of 10! (I am leaving room for improvement)

The little pots on the table? I tried them all, out of curiosity – red one was soy sauce, yellow one was lemony sauce, green one was a reddish sesame oil of some sort.

My tea was wonderful too – jasmine green tea, if I am not mistaken. Pay my $12, and I am off.

Ended up infront of Yodobashi, one of the big electronics shops here. Had to go in. Your mind boggles at the things they have. The choice! And its crasy full of signs of all kinds, which look quite strange when you dont know what they are saying.

Some more things…

I had to stock up on a few things, so I went into one of the convenience stores for some supplies. Bought a few things I had no idea of what they are (love that!) and on my way back to the hotel.

I was tired and exhausted. The shower in my tiny bathroom was devine and my body was ready for some rest. Thank goodness the TV is all in Japanese, so it only acts like a putter to sleeper than anything else.

Had a great night’s sleep on my funny pillow and now I am ready to go off. It was raining when I got up, so we will see.

7:10am – maybe Ueno? Maybe something else. All my ideas seem to have disappeared. I think I am a bit afraid to get back to the Station – hahaha.

Miss you all, but having a great time. I looooooooove this place!