Dewa Warung in Ubud – best food on a budget

Dewa Warung in Ubud – best food on a budget

For those on a regular holiday with money to spare, Ubud has on offer a plethora of cafes, restaurants and bars. Big, small, fancy, comfy, loud and romantic, whatever your heart desires its there, or so it seems to those of us on a strict starve-the-monk budget.

My sharp researching skills and luck in getting a smidgen of internet lead us to what became our place in Ubud.

Dewa Warung

Hidden in a dark street off Dewi Sita (road running between Monkey Forest and Hanoman) is the most unpretentious, yet surprisingly comforting warung offering a few floor sitting tables and two big sharing ones with benches. The walls and ceiling are covered in weaved bamboo and fans are the only cooling relief on offer.

We prefer to lounge on floors, so we did just that whenever possible. We like it so much, we made a firm decision to chop off the legs of our solid wood table when we have a home again.

What is there not to like about this setup?

Two thumbs up.

Ms Fab enjoying some light reading on one of our visits

The two big tables upstairs

The atmosphere is important, but its the food that people come for and what does Dewa Warung has to offer to its hungry penny pinching patrons?

They have a down to business, short and sweet menu with just enough choice for everybody.

The wait for food is never too long and always long enough so you know the food is being prepared now, not yesterday and remodeled as you sip your drinks, and it always arrives hot.


Here are some of our favorites.

Mihun Noodles:

Big crisp spring rolls, which never cool down fast enough for us to eat..

..and actually have veggies inside, instead of that floury mush stuffing found in a lot of the cheap options.

And one of the absolute, hands down we eat it every single time offerings:  Tofu Curry.

A delightful, mellow, yet spicy amalgamation of coconut milk and soft tofu, served with rice. There is always plenty of sauce left, so do offer extra plain rice and get even more food.

So there is atmosphere, hot yummy food there, but WAIT, there is more. It will leave not only your stomachs, but your pockets full too. For five of us, after four visits, some involving beer and a bit of hyper ordering, we never paid more than $8 total. Need I say more. I didnt think so.

Right there, in the middle of Ubud one can still eat simple, but delicious food, for next to nothing.

We miss you, Dewa Warung, our place in Ubud. The toilet, on the other hand, that is better to be avoided ;)