Hook, line and an old can – all you need to fish

Hook, line and an old can – all you need to fish

I have always wanted to do some fishing. Not sure why, and it was not some strong overwhelming need, just another thing on my list of things to do. I want to sit quietly, listen to the water, look at the ripples that maybe wet my toes as I am waiting to pull my big fat fish. Then I walk through the beach, sand sticking to my toes, and cook dinner with my catch. I love the whole idea that the whole process is mine, no fish monger, no shops, no…nothing.  Just me, nature and fire.

I didnt get to do that.

One day standing and looking at the dark beach of Amed, I see two guys and sticks in the sand – looks like they must be fishing, but with what? I approach and try to chat to them, which is proving interesting since they dont utter even a word of English, and my Indonesian/Balinese is at equal level.

Often though, words are only superfluous. Smiles are more than enough.

I am soaking it all up, because this man in front of me, has only a fishing line, a hook and a plastic can. And that seems to be more than enough.

He skillfully ties the hook to the string, chops a little bit of the small fish he has as a bait and puts it on the hook.

A bit further on the line he wraps up one of the stones he grabs from the sand. This, to help him with the next step, for which he walks over to where the waves whiten and with the most lavish of moves, throws the hook, stone and bait far into the distance.

A stick then holds the line on the shore and acts as a warning for curious fish.

Yet another reminder that before manufacturing and plastic, there was ingenuity and dexterity. A fact I have been faced with quite often on the trip so far.