First steps in Japan

First steps in Japan

Wonderfully clean toilet with a baby seat nearby, for parents with kids; foaming soap and automatic water sink that actually works; a concoction that you put your hands in to dry and actually works; flowers and vending machines just a few meters from the gate – this is the first I saw of this place and I liiiiked.

Security and customs check went quickly and painlessly. I was electronically fingerprinted for the first time, probably because I am flying on the new microchiped passport. Didnt like it one bit. Felt pretty violated actually, but when there is no choice, one just sucks it and moves on.

It felt quite strange when I was out.

Here I am, no clue what, where, how. Thousands of kilometers away from anybody I know. With only an address of the hotel in my bag. What a wonderful feeling. Love traveling! Look and feel like a pile of tired ole bloated dag, but this is tingling.

The train to Tokyo, which is 80km away, is in an hour, so I stopped by at one of those little places with plastic food models infront to grab a coffee and juice and to write a bit. Still no internet connection, so this too shall wait.

Espresso and orange juice – 1,050 Yen.

Need a toilet again. I think I over hydrated myself on the flight ;)