Air Panans Banjar – the hot springs of Banjar

Air Panans Banjar – the hot springs of Banjar

In the midst of the green lush surrounds after a ride through small village streets,  we arrived at our destination – the hot-springs of Banjar, near Lovina.

All around us, lush nature being serenaded by wild unfamiliar sounds and the white noise of the gushing water.

All this comes after you pass the tourist catchers or the numerous stall holders who have lined up the little road that takes you from the parking to the springs. A perfect spot for tishing (tourist fishing).

And then we see the spot, the stone build baths that are nestled in between the big trees, as though they have been there forever.

We change and throw our bags in the locker and go off to soak in the sulfur waters down bellow.

The top, and smaller, pool is the hottest.  The big one is warm and pleasant and we spend most of our time splashing in it. Standing under the falling stream gives you a very pleasant hydro-massage.  And then there is a smaller pool with water falling from even higher in the background.

And after a good soak, we are reminded why such spots are always popular and will continue to be popular for a long time. Plunging your body in a pool of warm water is just one of the basic pleasures in life. The British have made a whole custom out of it, and dont forget the Romans, and Turks, and what about onsen in Japan…



We should do this more often. I wonder where it will be.

The last time I went in a hot spring bath was in Budapest, remember?