Lunch at Kue Bakery and Cafe in Ubud

Lunch at Kue Bakery and Cafe in Ubud

A short walk down the main street in Ubud will take you to the Kue Bakery and Cafe, an unassuming building promising not much at all. That is until you enter and go up the stairs where a cosy, welcoming atmosphere raises your expectations a little bit.


We chose to sit on the balcony, where soft pillows lined up the benches and offered us view of the street.







The view is not spectacular, but interesting and happening for sure.

The menu gives a lot of options. We hovered around the sandwiches and wraps section.

Prices were a bit high for our budget, but pretty average for Ubud. $1 was about Rp.8,500 when we were there.

We got complimentary bread with butter and a vegetarian dip, I assume. It was green and not a pesto. Both were delicious.

The Food

After not that long, the food started to arrive.

First the chips, which were disappointingly few, but very tasty and accompanied with a very good dip. Gone in about 60 seconds.


The rest of the orders came with either chips or salad, the latter being extra fresh and with wonderful vinaigrette, which is served separate and ready to pour.


Cheese, ham and tomato toastie with salad

Kue Bakery Ubud

Avocado wrap with chips

Kue Bakery Ubud

Falafel wrap with salad

The food was delicious and fresh. The sauces and dips were all just the right additions to what was served. Gone in 120 sec and appreciated a lot. In the background of quite average food in Ubud, this was a breath of fresh air.

Downstairs is the bakery part, which has a selection of sweets, breads, muffins and croissants. We had breads and croissants and both did not disappoint.



This meal has stayed as one of our favorites so far on the trip.

A place well worth visiting if you find yourself in Ubud. Bring your laptop and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi offered as well.