Blogging blues

Blogging blues

A blarbla-ha–bla-haba…aaa…whatevashiva-diva

My fingers are heavy over the keyboard, my sulky face is reflecting in the monitor whose dark face is grinning back at me with expectation. Its not pretty. I am in a blogging depression state, no hiding from it. It has been convenient that the Internet is expensive hence I dont have much of it to use, thus I have a good excuse, but the truth is that I just don’t feel like writing. And its probably one of the first things on the How to Blog rule book, in fact, I am sure it would be on the first page of “Dont ever do these” Chapter, but I am obviously not doing that great as it is, so I doubt this will hurt my stagnation any.

The trip is great and I have lots of pictures ready and waiting, lots of thoughts brewing and stories to tell. There is no lack of that going. I hope the brick wall that awaits me here lifts soon, because I will be way behind, I am not even sure I can catch up as it is.

See, I am sitting here with head rested on my hand, trying to write. Or maybe its the question why that I cannot answer for myself…

Sorry for everyone that is awaiting glimpses of life from my end. You know who you are. I will be over this hump, it never takes me too long.