Ten things I love about Bali – Miss Fab’s Blabs

1. The people
All of the people in Bali really love kids, which is quite nice, and they are all so friendly.

2. The food
I really like noodles, so I will love all the Asian food we have, Bali has really good fish like tuna, Mahi-Mahi (a big headed, dolphin looking fish)and barracuda.

3. The accommodation
All the places we have stayed were really nice,and two of them had a pool, we really like the places that are easy to relax in. Where we are staying now has hammocks and an outside bed.

4. The beach
Everyone thinks that Bali has the most beautiful sandy beaches,well the beaches are still beautiful just not sandy, more rocky, and when there is some sand around, its black sand, but down near the water its beautiful and in some places there are barely any waves.

5. The transportation
When we traveled from Lovina to Ubud and Ubud to Amed we were driven in a really big, cool car,
but in Bali there are more scooters and motorbikes than cars, they are everywhere!

6. The offerings
The Balinese people make flowers,grass and leaves into beautiful gifts for their gods, which they
leave outside their doors. Sometimes its hard to not trip over them, because they are outside everyone’s doors. The streets are all up and down and they have a lot of holes on the sidewalks so you have to watch where you are going not to trip over offerings or fall in a hole!

7.The smells
In Bali they have a lot of incense around peoples houses. I really love the smell of incense, and there are definitely more smells in Bali than Australia. We saw a frangipani and lavender smelling incense in a shop back in Ubud.

8.The restaurants
All the small restaurants around Bali have kids in the kitchen and their mums holding smaller kids, and all the cooks seem so nice and friendly.I love to eat in small restaurants or warungs, we had a favorite one in Ubud it was called Dewa Warung  it was cheap and really delicious!

9.The scooters
I love to ride on the back of the scooters, it is so fun. wW are renting a scooter from one guy that works at where we are staying. I don’t think that I have ever gone on the back of a scooter before and I really like it. We just go out on the scooter for fun because we all love it.

10.The prices
A lot of small confectionery and stuff like that are really cheap in Bali and you can bargain for stuff too and I don’t think that you can do that back home. We have gone to a few markets and you can bargain really hard and they actually EXPECT you to.