Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Monastery in Banjar

Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Monastery in Banjar

On our way out of Lovina we made a few stops to see some of the more interesting things that caught our eye. One of them was the Buddhist Monastery up in the mountain.

Its not really a tourist attraction by the looks of it, although outside are a sufficient amount tourist traps – shops selling souvenirs, clothes and chips. Still, inside you wouldnt know about any of this. It could have been because its low season and we are one of the not many tourists around, but we found the whole experience quite peaceful and almost meditative in itself.

I am not very successful with the writing lately, so I will spare you my blabs this time and let the images speak for themselves.

The monastery was build in the 1970 and in comfortably nestled up the mountain, level after level, like a spiritual journey up to somewhere.



Yes, apparently there is something very interesting/weird/funny/wonderful about me, because there was a group of people that came one by one to take pictures of me and their children. The little fellas were pushed towards me, not always willingly, and then the camera snapped the treasured memory. They were either mistaken in my identity or I must be way more amazing than I think. For now I will go with the second option, if you dont mind.


And then quietly, we were gone from this beautiful place.