2 weeks down, pause and reflect

2 weeks down, pause and reflect

Uprooting the family, going off into the distance with very little plan and money, and…what? How is it going?

It is quite fitting that I am writing this post in Amed. From all the places where we have been in Bali this is the most suitable spot to pause and reflect – simple, quiet and far from the strangling tourist market.


Yes, there is fun. Most of it from being together and having to be creative in our own entertainment. We have not set eyes on a TV the whole time and, as the kids admitted yesterday, we have barely noticed that fact. Card games are popping out of distant memories in our heads, I remembered a few old card tricks from my own childhood that I thought Miss Fab this morning. Lots of exploring, laughing and giggles, at least for now.


I have not slept that much for a long time. Not being able to spend my nights reading, browsing or watching something on the TV means that I am down with the children and up early. I am getting at least 8-9 solid hours of sleep! Amazingly, the bags under my eyes, I used to love blaming on my owl existence, have not improved. I may have to lay that guilt on genes now. Tick.


Yes, some things are hard. The worst so far has been food. I am used to good food, I like good food, I am a sucker for good food. I dont mean expensive fancy dishes, I mean good fresh meals. Instead we are often eating biscuits and juices, which the kids may be very happy about, but I am certainly not. And when we end up in a restaurant, there is little fresh in it.

This should improve a bit now, as we are staying at a place with a little kitchen and I am going to pick some stuff up on the way back from this cafe and cook up something nice. I cannot wait.

The kids found the initial close quarters a bit of a challenge as well, but have started to adjust nicely. This would have been even harder if they had not been used to us around so much – e.g. were going to school most of their days before the trip.

Internet access has to come under this heading. It has been work to keep connected. Either there is not Internet or the one that exists is slow and hard to work with.



I cant think of much else that I have felt is not in our backpacks and I have even remembered or craved for. I think that even the stuff we have is probably too much and we can cull it even more. If they come up with a mobile, foldaway kitchen, I will be happy to travel just with that.


We have settled into this travel mode nicely. I am sure after awhile though, we will be ready to stop for a bit longer at a place and just chill. So far the plan is to do that in Malaysia, maybe Penang, unless I find a way to figure out another area. Its all about where we can find a longer term rent that is reasonable.

If any of you are curious(like me) and have some other questions, shoot them my way.

For now, greetings to all and enjoy your kitchens more ;)