Gede Homestay in Lovina – what is it like

Gede Homestay in Lovina – what is it like


The bungalow next to us

We ended up in Lovina by following the stream of events that happened those first days in Bali. We ended up in Gede’s homestay equally unintentionally – Gede happens to be a friend of our first host. After checking up the place we liked it and the price we bargained for and stayed there for 5 nights.

Located outside of central Lovina, down a narrow street from the main one and then through an even narrower nook, the place is quiet, inviting, clean and right on the beach – the latter being black sand, lots of garbage and accommodating pigs, dogs and other random inhabitants. Our room was pretty large with one big, one small bed and a mattress on the floor to accommodate all 5 of us. Sheets were not big enough to cover the big one, but after some ingenuity, I put two overlapping ones and stopped the first night’s fight with chasing the sheets scrunched up bellow our bodies.

Bathroom was a bit rundown but nothing major

This is obviously a place that has its fans. There was a guy that had been staying for 6 months already and there was a stream of Gede’s frequent users coming. Amongst them a French man, who has a love of tattoos and thanks to whom we got a first, well maybe second, hand experience of floor-coconut oil aided-tattoo-making-in-Bali. Apparently, and I am sure you are very interested in this, tattoos in Bali do not hurt. So said the passionately talking French guy on the floor. I am not sure I believe him, watching the swelled up black flesh on him, and Little B didnt sound convinced either exclaiming “I am not having a tattoo!”, even though nobody offered. Go figure.

There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere here. I got no funny looks for requesting hot water to make my own coffee, or when we asked for lots of hot water to make our own 2 min noodles. Gede gave us a ride to Lovina twice, for free, like for nothing…in Bali, where white folk in hotels and shops look probably more like notes than folk. I am not saying this with malice, its perfectly understandable taking into account the standard of living here and where most of us tourists come from. By foot, the place is close to an hour leisurely walk from the center.

Swift talking French, getting a tattoo

Gede himself

The street next to Gede’s is a quiet one, ending up on the beach. There are shops and three-four places to eat there, shuttle/car hire shop, as well as a few convenience type of stores.

We had a great time at Gede’s Homesday. His willingness to chat was invaluable, especially since we stayed there during Nyepi and he spent time explaining things to us and letting us know where events were happening around town.
Not a luxury accommodation, but the friendly, helpful staff and clean spacious rooms were more than enough to leave us satisfied.