Ubud’s singer in the rain

Ubud’s singer in the rain

After very little warning the sky darkens and proceeds to pour its load on the big leaves around us – patter -patter – splat! When it rains in Bali, it rains. Quite a difference to our dry ailing weather in Perth, with the thirsty ground gaping at the clouds, begging for relief.

It has been quite pleasant to hear and feel the rain again, although its not as wet as we expected, which is not a bad thing.

Back to the opened sky. The default response to the situation is to seek cover, protect yourself, keep yourself dry. Not so for a little girl who happens to be traveling with us on this trip. Her eyes light up, with an effortless, swift move of the hands, her clothes are off in a pile close by and only the trail of her is left in the air where she stood. Her body is off, free from the threaded shackles.


The song from one of her favorite movies comes naturally to her lips and she is now singing along with the pouring rain.

Her dancing becomes wilder and wilder, freer as she goes. I guess, once you are all soaked up, any last barriers disappear and only the fun is left, and what a fun it is.

Two Balinese women close by are watching her with big grins on their faces. That now makes four of us, adults, doing just that. Probably, I am thinking to myself, because she has what most of us are after  – freedom from default responses.

So we watch and daydream.

Instead of trying to capture the feeling, unsuccessfully, I probably should have just joined in.

But I didn’t. Dont ask me why.


Just singing and dancing in – the – raaaaain….

Ta-ta-ta-taaa-tada, ta-ta-ta-taaaa-tada..