Rembrandt moments in Lovina

Rembrandt moments in Lovina

Beautiful pictures can come out of the least expected nooks and crannies around us, and I am not just saying this because it sounds so romantic and encouraging, I am uttering it, because it has held true for me. That moment when the light is seemingly horrible, can turn into the most romantic shot ever. The blurry shot, can be even more emotive than an extra sharp glimpse at the world. Same goes for the over/under exposed pictures, which become the signature of certain photographers.

I am sorry to say, that this does not actually mean that we can glue that finger on the camera and swing it around every which way feeling creative and inspired with the mangled mess that will result. New age photography, maybe, but its not what I am suggesting  here.

What I am saying is that with the right approach, even the lost cause of a shot can be interesting.

Case in point: Rembrandt effect

Its early evening in Lovina and the Dod collapses on me, or simply falls asleep. Of course he looks cute and daddy wants to document the moment, so grabs the camera and having learned something from living with me, has a hunch that the light is not enough, thus gives me the hopeless look of what-do-I-do. I set the camera and he starts taking pictures.


The light is horrible by any standard – weak and barely there. But falls on us just the right way.

Mr.Blab is awestruck by his creation and keeps on keeping on, the fancy photographer that he has suddenly become.


“Aaaah, that is good” – his lips quietly muster. “Rembrandt, baby, Rembrandt”


Not bad…punk, but who set that camera up for you, huh? – I think to myself, but encourage the man, because he is doing some pretty nice work there, with my camera in his tingling hands.