The kid is still naked and I am enjoying mellow days

The kid is still naked and I am enjoying mellow days

So far? So far it has been great.

I talked to a friend yesterday and I told her – it has been smoother than I thought, that transition from normal life to one of people without a home, wondering, not sure what the next meal or night will be bringing for us.  I expected some adjustment, some period of weirdness, or nervousness, or cold feet, mildly chilled at least, but no siree, we have taken to this like ducks to water and already feels like we have been doing it forever.

And it has only been less than 2 weeks.

The kids have surprised us the most. Other than the a bit more than usual bickering, which might have something to do with us all being stuck in one room for all this time, they have been troopers with cherries on top. Many of them, like a crown of cherries, dripping sweet juice on their sun burned cheeks.

The Dod? He is still mostly naked, but useful at least, sweeping our front porch in Lovina.

Who knew that kids love to sweep, only if you give them the exact perfect, right, smooth and soft broom ever, though. Then they fight who will relive is from the sand particles dirtying our abode.

Today will be lazy as well. I have heaps of pictures to juggle, but who cares. You will forgive me, cause you are good people, I know. Else what will you be doing here, it says good people only somewhere, I am sure.

And tonight I am doing something for the first time. I am meeting not one, noooo, not one, but two other blogging women. Wish me luck, cause you never know what happens when those writing females get together – sparkles? Cat fights? Hugs and singing in the night? I cant tell you, cause its all new to me.

For now, I leave you with a lovely bottom, which is apparently full of chocolate and ice-cream, or so I was told this morning, while hugging its owner.