Visual walk around Lovina – the city of dolphins

Visual walk around Lovina – the city of dolphins

Lovina was not on our maybe-visit-list, we ended up here because we were running away from the musky mountains. It proved to be a lovely little town and we enjoyed the leisurely nature it had to offer us.

The thing that Lovina has and uses to its full advantage is dolphins. Boats run out to the distance in the early foggy mornings, carrying hopeful tourists armed with cameras and wide opened eyes – will they catch a glimpse or not – oh, the challenge.

So, if you love them animals, here is the spot for you – there is dolphin salt (make that dolhin salt), dolphin carvings, dolphin fridge magnets and of course dolphin statue in the middle of town.



Why are women always short-changed by religion?

I have never seen signs that say For recently ejaculated man, entry prohibited, or something else that only concerns the other half of the human population.  Ok, feminist rant over.

An activity that has become favorite for me in Bali is taking a peak into the doors and alleys that open on every each side of the streets. There are always some beautiful things hiding there – be it temples, be it houses, be it covered in green moss housing ways.



I was there!



Peaking again…

Rice fields can be lurking anywhere…like in a narrow long lane between the houses.

The food trolleys that roam the town.

I dont know if when full of tourists the place will be quite as nice, but we enjoyed its peaceful nature and long walks along the buzzing streets.