Barclona restaurant – Lovina, Bali

Barclona restaurant – Lovina, Bali

Food in Bali has not been great so far. A lot of two minute noodle dishes pretending to be fancier than that, a lot of pink rice without much flavour and we reached a point at which the thing that really got our juices flowing was…a loaf of brown bread we found at the local western style bakery. Talk about deprived.

Once we got to Lovina, I searched around for some recommended restaurant and we decided to try one for a fit. I had a few names in my head and thought we will go in the one that either comes first on our walk or the one that looks the most promising.

And that is how we ended up at Barclona. It looked really welcoming from the street and we decided to give it a go.

Being all in the open meant that inside was nice and airy, the heat being blown away by the fan on the ceiling. Very pleasant after the hot walk on the street outside.

There is a beautiful shop right next to the tables, where no one was bothering us. And further inside was a very well kept courtyard, inviting indeed.



The beer was cold, extra cold and felt divine flowing in my heat affected, sweaty body.

The menu has enough variety, but not too much. Maybe its after all the celebrity chef shows, but seeing one of those multiple pages menus with just about anything under the sky in them, makes me nervous and I imagine all sorts of ugly scenes from the kitchen. Really, how can any kitchen do so many things fresh and well? It makes no sense.


It was peaceful. We were the only ones around and got to chat to the woman serving us, a nice leisurely talk about nothings, about Lovina, about kids. Before we knew it, the food started to appear.

Beautifully presented and looking delicious.

I had the fried rice with omelet, which came with a side serving of tuna, veggies and cracker.

The other dishes we had were the Chicken Satay, which came with noodles and fresh salad.

And the Gado-Gado, a local commoner, which is basically veggies in sauce.

Now, it could be we were starved for good food, could have been that we were every restaurant’s dream reviewers – hungry, badly treated, full of bread and two minute noodles – that very well could have been the case, but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Every dish was delicious and the beer was extra cold.

We were one happy family.

As a desert we marveled at the delicately carved area in the back. Just look at it, people do things like that still. And thank goodness they do.


In summary, Barclona didnt disappoint and in fact, Mr.Blab and Little B ate there again the next day, while looking around town.

Reasonably priced, beautiful setting, tasty food, good toilet and friendly staff – two thumbs up.