Sneak peak from our front door

Sneak peak from our front door

This morning, when I woke up and opened our front door, a carved up red and gold portal, I was faced with this.

Do you have any clue how many pictures I have taken so far? No, if you think you have, forget that and get back on firm ground, because you will be way off.  I am starting to worry about how I am going to store all these files. Which is not the worst part, the worst proves to be the part where I have to decide which ones to chose to put up here. Its impossible to show you everything, but its equally as hard to chose the few I think will be most interesting to you.

I am already behind and its just a week into the journey. I hope in time I will have a better plan of action.

If you actually know what you find interesting, do say so, it will help.

It already feels like we have been away for longer than we actually have been. This feels so natural and comfortable, it will be good if we keep that going for the whole time. We are still unsure where we will stop for a bit longer, but for now the plan is to do that in Malaysia or Thailand. We hear lots of great things about travel in the later, so its sounding quite tempting – and cheap.

Today the plan is to walk around Ubud and find our way around.

Have a good one.