Accommodation – mountains of Bali

Accommodation – mountains of Bali

After our introduction to the surroundings, we were taken through to see our next night’s accommodation.

First attempt was a false start, because the girls were freaked out because of the dogs in the alley. Few hours later and a much more relaxed canines, we moved our baggage into the house of our hosts.

Preparations for the Nyepi festival were on the way, with the women making offerings from leaves, some with beautiful aroma, some without, flowers and sticks. Beautiful.

I was trying to keep up with their skillful handling of the bounty in front, but to no avail.



Right on the door step of the house was a drop to the valley bellow, which I am sure on a good day is magnificent, but on that particular day it looked more mysterious and chilly than anything else.


And the house.

The place was pretty much a little shack with tin roof in the middle of the greenery. Rainwater collecting in two bins – one for cooking, the other for the toilet, roughly constructed squat amenity just outside of the house, wobbly bricks making up the stairs down to it.


The path to the main road, which passed a few other houses on the way.

The girls adjusted, or should I say, took it all in their stride. There was not even one complaint and they were off to play with the kids again.

While staying here we saw what they do to the dried up coconuts – they are chopped up for fire.

Inside was like a small moist cave, I cant describe it any other way. Two rooms and a front area where the older daughter sleeps. During the day its used for lounging around.


The kitchen.

No more than a small gas stove, which usually has a steaming pot cooking rice; two containers of water, where the cutlery is cooked and a few plates and glasses. Always immaculately swept.


What gets cooked in the kitchen is rice and variations on two minute noodles, maybe with a veggie in somewhere; tea is made there, as well as the muddy coffee the man of the house drinks in the morning.


Where the action happens, be it offering preparations or cooking, or eating, or drinking tea.

Initially looking reasonably comfortable, our room ended up proving less than so in the night. The bed was tough, but not only that, also bumpy. The pillows felt like bags of sand and the thing that really got me again was the skin penetrable musky smell. It was in everything – the blanket, the sand pillows, the walls, the air.

The kids managed to sleep ok, but Mr.Blab and I were not doing so well, especially after sorting ourselves on the bed the Dod decided to pee in it as well, which caused a nervous crying laugh from us – which means we wanted to cry, but had to laugh instead, the whole situation felt so surreal.

The people were lovely, I especially enjoyed spending the time with the wife of our host – a very friendly sunny woman, who spoke very little English, which made our interactions even more endearing. Their little daughter was a pleasure too, more so when she was eating her plate of rice topped with the instant noodles, huddled down on the chair holding the plate with one hand and scooping the contents with the fingers of the other – looking as though she is trying to shorten the distance between the food and her mouth. A little bendy, feeding stick of a child.

Their elder daughter was one of the most kind, warm souls you could meet too. I loved how she smiled and laughed when I would say something that she could not understand, and the closeness she established with the kids, almost instantly

The father, I could have lived without. Not that he was arrogant or bad, just didnt leave me with a good impression for some reason. Maybe it didnt help that after our restless night and listening to all sorts of noises, some of wailing dogs, crying puppies, rats/mice somewhere on the ceiling, above the black plastic sheeting loosely covering it up, we were hearing him cough and spit in the room next to ours. I remember wondering what is he spitting into and unfortunately I got my answer early in the morning – on the wall behind him, which now looked sufficiently moist with his unwanted mouth gunk.

And so we moved on from our adventurous beginnings onto the North of Bali and Lovina beach, and thus we left the gloom of the musky mountain behind us. I am sure we would have enjoyed this time more if we were not already exhausted from the hard work we did before we left home. As it was, we were more than ready for some descent rest and hopefully more than a few hours of sleep.