Bedugul and Ulun Danu Temple

Bedugul and Ulun Danu Temple

Bedugul is one of the bigger towns in these parts of the mountains, so we did a quick run through to see the market and look around.

We should have stopped at one of the smaller, side markets though, as this one was so touristy pay triple for regular souvenir stuff that I cant say I found it very interesting. But it was still nice to walk about.

Those little instruments were fun and I wish we could have bought one, but being so fat and stubby meant that space took priority.

Next we visited the beautiful temple I had seen pictures of before we arrived. Ulun Danu is a Hindu Temple right on lake Beratan and surrounded by about three or four different mountains..

Now,this was worth it.

The gardens were immaculate, the buildings around beautiful…




..and the temple, well, the temple is better shown


If the photography gods had smiled at me, the weather would have been different, but one has to work with what is available. Still, I think you can see how lovely the place is.




The strawberries at the market were apparently very expensive, said our local host, so he took us down the valley where the farmers are and we went in a search for some fresh juicy fruits.

We stopped at a few places with no success.


Then finally we found a spot and went on a strawberry exploration hunt.



This area was huge, quiet and so peaceful and not resembling the usual farming areas one sees across our familiar lands. The farms kind of blended with the landscape, almost camouflaged.


The strawberry situation didnt improve after this little visit, as we couldnt find many and the bag we bought from the farmer was not that impressive either, but the journey was worth it for many other reasons.

On the way back, up the mountain I managed snapped a shot for you of three monkeys, one with a camera funnily enough.