Wanagiri village in the mountains of Bali

Wanagiri village in the mountains of Bali

After our more than exciting journey up here, we arrived at our destination tired, no, exhausted cold and hungry. The place where we are welcomed by a young man and an older woman, who are scrambling around the place. Not long after that big beer glasses full of hot tea appear and are put on the old table in the middle of what looks like a cafe that will be open one day – piles of drinks, like coke and other fizzy ones are standing on the counter; there are tables somewhere in the darkness. We find out that indeed they are going to open something rather at some point or another, but the Swiss guy that is actually the owner, something rather else and I lose the thread of the whole story. In short, its not theirs, they are just taking care of it and the young man, who we now find out is our host’s son, is supposed to be the main character. The Swiss guy is helping him, or something rather.

The hot tea is nice, quite sweet, which is a welcomed detail when one is cold and tired, no, exhausted. The Dod is cuddled up to me, more than ready to be asleep, probably 2 hours ago. We have no clue where we are sleeping yet. Plates of food are coming out of the mysterious entry in the wall that the boy and the woman keep on walking to and from in silence.

Rice with fried egg and cucumber on the side with a pair of moist badly washed cutlery is put in front of me. I am hungry, but would prefer a bed at this stage, still, I chose the cleaner spoon and dig in a bit as to not offend our generous hosts. The girls pick at the food as well, but I can see they are dreaming of a bed as well. Mr.Blab is blabbing something, not sure what, small talk I presume. I am glad he is doing it, as I have no energy to do so, now I am a bit worried what the sleeping situation is going to be.

I am guessing the kids have looked pretty wiped out, because Jerro, our host says for tonight he will let us stay in one of the rooms of the guesthouse, where the Swiss god of generosity has given him a room, just one, for him and the family, just one, because they are trusted..but just one. We are led through the moist air and I am hopeful the situation might not be as bad as it looks, until we actually get inside the room, just one room.

Our bed.

Yes, all of us slept in it, all 5 of us. I snuggled up next to the Dod and Mr.Blab slept at the foot of the bed, which meant that my legs hurt from being bended all night by the morning. This was nothing though. This fails into the land of a four star hotel compared to the stench and moisture. Imagine you put your wet socks in a bag and forget about it for a week in the middle of summer. Now open it, stick your nose in that bag and you are in our room, in our bed.

Being exhausted at this stage was a bonus, it helped dull the sharpness of our surroundings, still, sleeping in a wet bed is never easy.

The morning didnt come soon enough, after the long pretty much sleepless night. The kids thankfully didnt seem to be bothered by the whole thing and managed to sleep pretty well.

By now  I was more than overtired, which I am sure made things seem even worst. No, you dont get a picture of the squat toilet, not because I dont like them, I actually enjoy them, but the whole toilet/bathroom section was just a wet horrid place.


Daylight was kind and the greenery helped in painting a much more welcoming picture of our first destination in Bali.

Just in front of our room:


To the left is the way to the cafe/restaurant/watering hole.

Where, if you follow it, it takes you to the metal box that brought us here. Look and marvel, how this little thing managed not only to fit 7 people, 2 big and 4 small backpacks, but also to bring us up  the mountain. Bruised maybe, but up here never the less.



Daylight is merciful to us and the little cafe is quite welcoming. Nothing you will find in the Bali brochures, but pleasant and comfortable.


Right in front of it is the road, where we appear to be the main attraction.



And across the road is the most beautiful view of one of the twin lakes in the area. The mist was flying around the place the whole morning, like a soft cotton candy lost in the winds.









A bit of food was passed around.

What I was waiting on was that sweet tea, which this time was accompanied by banana pancakes.

Later on we were introduced to the world of 2 min noodles or what seems to be the favorite ingredient in the cheaper eateries. Yes, served with egg and some veg, but 2 minute noodle is a 2 minute noodle.



And then the moist adventure continued…