Quick update

I am sitting close to a wall in our bungalows, trying to get some connection and I hope it works.

Later on I should be able to do a proper post with pictures, if nothing goes wrong. Keep your fingers crossed.

The first few days were an adventure indeed, I wouldnt know where to start to tell you the truth, but I will work it out. Now we are in Lovina in North Bali and found some accommodation close to the beach, in fact, right on the beach. They say its wonderful, we beg to differ, as compared to the white spacious sands of Perth, these small black areas on the coast are fine, but not awe inspiring. Still its so nice to be back to warm weather and to have a soft bed.

Tomorrow is the big annual New Year Hindu festival and we cant wait to be part of it. There are Ogogos (big monsters that will be burned in the end) everywhere and people preparing offerings. Should be lots of fun.

Til later!