About 13 hours left

I am buggered. It has been horrendous the last few days. My hands are hurting from scrubbing and my legs are covered in bruises. My 3 days of leisurely relaxing preparations and coffees with friends were swallowed by the house and its stuff and its dirt and its I want attention NOW demands. So much for best laid plans.


There are things to be done still – I was going to sew a new sling, but it doesnt look like it will be happening, unless I stay up all night again. How much do I want a lighter smaller sling?  A lot, but not sure its quite that much.


Procrastination never pays off. Tip! You end up on the floor of your kitchen, scrubbing, dripping sweat all over it with a tired child on your back (yes, that happened, I have a picture to prove it). Although, if you are a professional procrastinator like me, nothing I say will save you. Good luck with it.

I am in need of dehairing, my eyebrows are extra wild in a bad way, my legs are like sand paper and lets not even talk about my underarms. My feet look like I am a field worker, with a black rim, even after I wash them. Couple that with my swollen fingers and my bruises, I am a sight to be reckoned with.

But we are off, people! This will be in the past soon and I will be free of the shackles of stuff. This will be behind us and other things will take its place, hopefully mostly good ones. I will let you know.

I will try to check in before we lift off. If not, dont be surprised if I take a little while to update, as our first stop is a remote place in the mountains of Bali, which is quite unlikely to have Internet access.

YAWN…ok, fine, I get it.

Good night.