Hot, stinky and exhausted

The third day before we leave went pretty much as the ones before – hot and full of grubby work. I dont really sweat a lot usually, but today I was rendering from everywhere,  my top lip, in between my boobies, my forehead and, well, everywhere. Its not enough that the weather has been so bloody hot and muggy, but having to do all this physical work doesnt help.

The good news is that the end is near. The house is just about empty, most of the things fit in the small storage we have hired, thanks to Mr.Blabs long lost Tetrix skills that came to life when needed. A friend gave me a hand today and we cleaned up the windows, walls and whatnots of the living room and kitchen. I washed the outside of the house, as well as made a lovely muddy pool for some piggies kiddies to play in, unfortunately one of them was not mine, but its well known that kids in my house dont stay clean, so its at your own risk when you bring them over.

Washed the laundry room, more of the bathroom, finished the oven AND covered it, because if someone had even looked at it wrongly I would’ve had to dispose of them, so I wanted to be on the safe side, conscientious and all that I am.

Maybe its good that we are so busy, so burried in tasks and physical exhaustion, that we dont have time to think, to feel saddness or melancholy. Because no matter how wonderful and wanted this trip is, we are leaving behind a lovely bunch of people we have finally managed to meet and get to know. And exactly how lovely has been shown in the last few hairy days – so much, that if I had the time or strength to think about it, I will be definitely quite emotional for leaving them behind.

It is one of the big cons of moving and traveling and unfortunately it is quite familiar to us.

I guess one cant have it all…or else, this traveling group would be much, much…much bigger.

If by tomorrow we are not done with this stinky house, I will be pulling my tangly hair out. I am out now, good night.