Shoot me – now!

After a back breaking, absolutely insanely busy day of working, sorting, packing, moving, carrying, throwing out – today the situation doesnt look that much better. I had a plan in my head of how to deal with it all today and ready for the carpet cleaner in the late afternoon, but then, then…tttt…then, I asked about the garage. The look on Mr.Blab’s face ran like a cold shower through my aching body.

There is MORE stuff to be sorted – the place is full of boxes (just in case we need them – said Mr.Blab), of garden tools, forgotten projects, unsold swapmeet stuff, crap, crap, crap with a crappy crap on top.

And I wanted to cry, right there and then. Big crocodile, exhausted tears that would wash away the heaviness that was overtaking me.

With slumped shoulders and losing the light at the end of the tunnel, which seems to be getting pulled away from me by invisible forces, I decided to make a coffee in the dirty, messy kitchen and gather myself together. So after a bit of the brown stuff flowing inside me, some phone calls that needed to be made and a hug from a little man, I feel a bit better.

There is still a whole lot more that needs to be done.

Lesson = get rid of stuff, before you actually need to do it!