New fashions at the thrift store

New fashions at the thrift store

I mentioned in the last post that the little man needed some clothes to hide his nakedness, to which we are exposed daily, constantly, without a break. We are not complaining, mind you, but people out there find it worrisome, even at the beach he has gotten looks and I have seen people point at him look, he is naked, silly weird people. For, what is a beach without bare bottomed children running all around it, I ask and expect no answers because if you are one of those people, I dont want to know about it. Keep your dirty secret.

Since I refuse to throw good money after insanely expensive clothing, the first stop I made is at the local thrift stores. There is one particular one that seems to never disappoint: Good Sammy, it has everything one wants in a charity/second hand shop – good prices, big selection, and my favorite is that they provide jobs to disabled people (about 10 for each store they have).

On top of all that, it was 50% off, which meant that I went a big crazy and when I came back home it was like Christmas.

The Dod went a bit crazy seeing so many clothes and wearing his new outfit – just started laughing, jumping and rolling about like a mad man. See, clothes dont have a good effect on the boy.

What did I get?

For the Dod:

2x shorts
2x t-shirts
1x long sleeved top

For Little B:

1x denim skirt
1x beach pants
1x dress

For Miss Fab:

1x pajamas
1x fishermans pants
3x tops

For myself:

4x pants
6x tops

For Mr.Blab:

3x t-shirts


Total of 26 items of clothing!

I told you it was like Christmas.

How much for all of that, you ask?

It was a whoooping…mind boggling…$40.70!

Really. In the pile I had a 100% silk top, a Mambo shirt, made in India top and pants, Marks and Spencer t-shirt and so on.

I am attaching the evidence.

Everyone liked everything, which in itself is an amazing accomplishment.

I had a few favorites, including the silk top, the fun flowy pants, the fisherman’s pants and the denim skirt. But I think my most favorite find is this dress, which I stumbled upon in the womens section.

Little B has been wearing it nonstop since yesterday. I didnt even have a chance to wash it.

One more thing gets crossed off the to do list. Phew!