What? 10 days to go?!

You will have to wait until we are gone for pictures, it seems. Unless you are interested in messy houses, which is probably not as weird as it may sound, because those always used to have a good effect on me, at least I am not that bad smugness and validation of my domestic abilities. Every budding family starting their first steps in a new house, should be given dvds of Hoarders something rather, which they should use as a therapy and cure for the messy house guilt that comes for most of us. I am making a mental note of that, what a great house warming gift!

The very special good news from today is that we are in possession of a deposit for the car. After days of pure horror that we wont be able to sell it, or worst, having to give it to an auction or cough, choke…snort, a dealership, a lovely young couple expressed interest and subsequently delivered a little bundle of cash in our trembling hands. Ok, we had to go under what we think we can sell those four wheels for, but under the circumstances we are pleased. Or at least will be, after all the reasonings we keep on throwing at each other – Yeah, but it was not perfect. Yeah, and that big scratch on the door, horrible! Yeah, and those spots that had eaten half of the bonnet! Amazing anyone will want it, really. Yeah, and that huge gash in the windscreen, yikes!  We will be happy with this. Period.

So the big elephant that was farting in our faces and making our lives miserable for the last few weeks has found other people to bother, hopefully none of you. Its nice to have a breather, even though not for long, there are so many things that need to be done – help!

I have brief moments of gut squeezing fear biting me from time to time now, thankfully it doesnt seem to be hungry enough because it doesnt last. I have been prepared for that and rationalize it all in my head like a broken record. I am sure all will pass as soon as we leave, as this is what happened last time I undertook something big, and the last last one, and that other last last last one. Right now, nothing interesting or exciting is happening, just selling, selling and selling, packing, sorting and organizing.

Tomorrow, the girls are going to clean the fridge to be ready for sale. I am off to try and get some clothes for the perpetually naked boy that runs around the house. It turns out he has no clothes to speak of. So, a visit to the second hand shops is needed.

P.S. Having just gone through the process of cleaning the oven…I wanted to profusely apologize to everyone that has eaten in my house. I will have nightmares for weeks to come.