Happy New Blog Day (known to others as Valentines Day)


If you are reading this, it means that I have done some things right and now am sitting exhausted behind my monitor, waiting impatiently to see if it will work. I may even be biting my nails, but you will never know because this is one of the possible benefits of the net – I can do whatever I want without you thinking horrible things about me.

So, after days, nights, hours and hours of fussing, scratching my empty head, reading, searching, coffee drinking, late night tv infomercials background listening (horror!), begging of friends, friend’s bugging and maybe a bit of whining, the blog has a new home.

I have tried to keep it simple, but more usable. I hope you will find it so and if not, please keep it to yourself, because I may do self-harm with the monitor that is staring blankly at me or the pen laying down next to it – yes, I have noticed it. Wait a few days weeks months and then criticize, if you have a heart, I beg of you.

A very special, big, huge, ginormous thank you to the most wonderful Vanya, without whom, this place will be one big mess of amateurish coding, topped with even more mistakes and cries from yours truly. Thank you, my dear friend, and I have enjoyed as usual working with you. Страшни сме!


Look around, click things, check what’s what and if you find some bug or thing that doesnt work, you have permission to mention it – if you have an idea of how to fix it, even better.

Superlatives are always welcomed, not necessary to be heart felt, faked “white lies” are equally acceptable. I worry more about my mental health at the moment, than some blog-ego that comes from having a perfect blog-home.

Dont forget to change your bookmarks to the blog!

Love you.

Super tired,
Snapping Blabber