She blabs again

Ok, so you have now gotten the girl hooked on blogging. She gets a dozen comments and I get none…I wonder if there is a message in it for me to read.


Now the 28th is getting closer and closer and closer.
I’m so excited!!!! Bali looks really nice from what I have seen on the internet.
It looks very green and peaceful, the way I like it!
The Dodman probably doesn’t even know whats happening, but he will be happy because Mum will be there. (he is a big mamas boy)
It is seventeen days before lift off, so excited, so excited, SO excited!!
It will be so nice to get out and explore the world, and hopefully remember most of it when I’m older, and I’m really looking forward to gettting to try all-sorts of diffrent food.
And just going on a plane will be exciting because I havent been on a plane for ages.
I’m also going to be photographing dogs from around the world and alot of other stuff too.
I wonder if Mum will be taking pictures of anything on the trip…..Hmm…I wonder!
As I said before I’am really looking forward to Japan, I really love noodles so I would really like to try some Japanese ones.
It might be hard to comunicate with people who don’t speak English but we will learn some main words on Spanish,
because we have a program on the computer that teaches us some, so it might be a little easier in Spain.