Its the ugly stage now – in wide angle

Its the ugly stage now – in wide angle

Please enjoy the wonderful work of my new absolutely-fantasmagorically-wonderfulicious lens. Granted, if you are really picky, and maybe even if not, you may say the picture is nothing special, but to me, its like butter. As I said, before, I sold my super fancy long zoom lens to move to the wide angle range, because I have never felt the need to extend beyond the 50mm my usual lens offers, while I have often tugged on it to try and squeeze a bit less than 18mm. I had to face the music and accept that I like wide. I love wide angles.

Now I am the super proud owner of a Tokina 11-16 f2.8. So much so that it has not gotten off my camera, even though its far from a default lens.

Not that I am taking many pictures at the moment. A lot is happening and none of it is romantic or visually appealing. Its a bit of a oh-my-goodness-can-we-be-ready for 2 weeks from now – real estate people are after us for the house, and who likes to deal with those? the new improved blog is not making me happy and just weighing on me, and who likes that kind of stuff? not me, then there are the piles of stuff still waiting to be gotten rid of, the boxes that wait with their wide open mouths all around the house dont make for a pleasing environment, the dirt, the mess, the camera that I am still waiting to reach back to the shop so I can get my money back, the camera that is on its way to me, the box that is missing somewhere in the post with a few last bits and pieces for the trip; the business cards that need to be printed, because we have decided we will be taking this stuff seriously and networking and promoting, you see; who am I kidding; the sewing projects that await me very much impatiently, not much different than usual, but now I have a limit to my procrastination…and on and on, but the biggest worry at the moment is the car.

The car needs to sell before we go and so far its not going good. We have had not one, I repeat, not one inquiry about any of the ads and postings we have done about it. I am starting to ponder plan B, and I hate plan B in this case, because plan B means we are not free from this even after we leave. Plan B sucks.

PLEASE lets sell the car. Oh, PLEASE.

And one more thing – we are never, never, positively never again buying a new car. We had said that before, but we got caught in the moment and thought we are doing the smart thing on a car that didnt seem to be losing its value as fast as others. We was wrong! Cars are expensive, people. After some calculations, I figured out that this box on four wheels has cost us about $5,000-$6,000 a year without the fuel. Holy cash-guzzler. If  we had two cars…nah, we couldnt afford two cars.

Sell the bloody thing, even though we have really enjoyed it and it has been good to us, and then try to live without a car. For that kind of money, we can buy two scooters, embrace fully public transport and if needed rent a car from time to time – every year. And the best part, we dont have to pay for this upfront and then watch the value being scraped off the car by drivers who think its an inflatable training tool for them to learn how to park; or a big stopper for their violently swinging doors.

On a bright note, my lens is wonderful. I like everything about it, the smoothness of its zoom and the lush way it fits in my hand. Purrrr… I cant wait to use it at something else than my poor unsuspecting son, with no pants on, as usual.

The beauty of this lens is that I can show you, in all its glory, the almost lacking furniture room of the kids. The beds are sold, so are the desks and the pink swivel chair and shortly we will most likely sell the chest of drawers.

At least now they have an excuse of having a super-duper upside-down messy room – there is nowhere to put the stuff away to. The reality is that the room didnt look any better before, just fuller. They still liked to sleep on the floor on the pad, and nothing was put where it was meant to.

Maybe I should ask them to make their bed?

If you dont send car selling vibes, I will wish on you this room, k? Now go enjoy life and stop complaining that your house is a mess.